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Client Feedback


Even though my numbers were pretty darn good my staff was driving me crazy. Two hours into my first visit I was back in control. Within four months our production and collections jumped an astronomical 74%. I thank both God and Cambridge.
-Dr. Richard Gaw
Nashville, TN 

I had owned my office for about a year and the production graphs were trending down, quickly.  My Cambridge coach met with me, offered several ideas specific to my situation, and two years later, I'm having annual growth over 20%.
-Dr. Dustin Snyder
Lewisburg, PA

Cambridge enabled us to grow and prosper. Thank you!
-Dr. David Ainbinder
Middletown, NY

The Best Thing that I have ever done with respect to productivity and staff management was to hire Cambridge.
-Dr. Mike Dukes
Jacksonville, FL

I researched several practice management companies but decided to go with Cambridge because of their good reputation and because I didn't feel pressured. I know there are a lot of management companies out there. I just really feel like Cambridge is one of the best and was the best for me and my practice.
-Dr. Andrea Mullholland, 
Columbus, OH 

My experience with Cambridge has been great. Their money back guarantee was a nice touch to lower the risk factor for me. In just the first six months Cambridge helped me have a 14% turn around. I whole-heartedly recommend Cambridge and their services.

-Dr. Ed Warr
Ashland, OR


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