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Script for FFS office and OON patient initial contact

NP: Do you take XYZ Insurance?

FD: We are not part of the XYZ Insurance network but plenty of XYZ Insurance patients still prefer our practice. Let me explain why and how this might work for you. First of all, XYZ Insurance patients love our state-of-the-art facility, our on-time scheduling, and our friendly staff. If you don't mind, I can gather a little info that will help me determine whether we can make this work.

FD goes through questions on new patient form. 

FD: Here’s what I suggest: Let’s go ahead and schedule a tentative appointment. I will then call you after I contact your insurance company to let you know what we can or cannot do for you. Does that work for you?

After the FD contacts the insurance company or if the FD already knows how the patient's insurance works, inform the patient of what the or she can or cannot do (see future tips for scripting).

Script for FFS office and patient who can go OON.
Where to look for new dental staff?

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