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Dental Resources: Complimentary Downloads

1. Click on any of the links below to go to the page for that specific download.
2. Once on the new page simply click the blue "Download" button.
3. Your complimentary download will go instantly to your computer.

All downloads are complimentary.

You do not need to provide your email address or any other contact info. 

Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Conduct

Bonus Program

Confirming Dental Appointments

Correcting Employees

Efficient Scheduling Program

End of Year Dental Insurance Letter

Financial Arrangement Script   

Front Desk Daily Checklists                          

Hygiene Department Evaluation Spreadsheet                   

Internal Marketing Program

Missed Appointment Procedures                                     

Morning Huddle Checklist

New Patient Checklist                                                   

Office Manager Daily Checklist 

Patients Who Did Not Schedule Protocol                                    

Reactivation Checklist                                                                                    

Staff Meeting Protocol

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